Friday, August 25, 2017

Inside a chic, vibrant and fabulously unconventional beach house in South Carolina!

This beautiful South Carolina vacation home is designed by Angie Hranowsky for a family with five children. Utilizing an uncommon combination of vibrant colors and bold prints, this home is transformed into a fresh and striking abode. Let's check out this fabulously unconventional beach house, shall we?

Photo credit: Annie Schlechter

Such a chic and gorgeous home! This effortlessly eclectic home exudes a sense of casual elegance with a fun, fresh twist which I really love! Her confidence and fearless use of bright, bold colors and interesting prints are truly inspirational. I am particularly drawn to the way she pairs the vintage wallpaper with the modern abstract print in the lovely dining room, it's such an unexpected and delightful mix, don't you think?  I am a huge fan of her refreshing decorating style, what about you? Any thoughts?

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