Thursday, July 20, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

This gorgeous Arkansas kitchen is designed by Kimberly Harper for her sister, Deborah who dreamed of a high-functioning cook's kitchen. By incorporating thoughtful design elements such as a concealed refrigerator, freezer drawers, appliance garage, pullout spice rack, etc, this kitchen not only works hard, it exudes a sense of graceful elegance as well. The soft, ethereal blue palette provides a wonderful contrast against the white marble countertop and cast-stone hood. A pair of chandeliers creates a romantic ambiance at night while providing additional illumination in the room. While they are not in use, the chandeliers provide visual interest and an unexpected old world charm to the space. If you noticed, the stools were custom designed with X bases to mimic the design of the upper kitchen cabinets for a pulled together, cohesive look. Such an inspirational space, what's not to love? Your thoughts?

Photo credit: Nancy Nolan


  1. Very beautiful! And such good ideas! Thank you for posting.

  2. Jessie I especially like the soft blue color
    Beautiful room. Any cook would find this a dream to create in!

  3. I love the blue.


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