Friday, June 30, 2017

Inside a Florida vacation home with a rustic charm and urban flair!

This gorgeous three-story vacation home in Florida is designed by interior designer Georgia Carlee and architecture firm of Thurber & Voigt. Balancing coastal sophistication and family fun, this family retreat is a mix of rustic charm and urban flair. Let's check it out!

Photo credit: Jean Allsopp

Such a beautiful abode! Drawing inspirations from Texas farmhouse, this home is given a fresh and contemporary twist by combining rustic elements with clean line furnishings. From a pair of antique doors with chicken wires that frames the entrance of the den/ TV room, the oyster shells that lined the walls of a bathroom and a swinging daybed crafted from old barn door in the back porch, this home is definitely filled with many unexpected features that I find to be quite unique and inspiring. I am a huge fan of this stunning residence, what about you, my lovelies?

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  1. That shell wall is unbelievable! This beach home is fantastic. The blending of textiles and elements has been done perfectly


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