Thursday, June 8, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

Designed by Alex Reid from The Studio at One Kings Lane for Marlien Rentmeester, a fashion blogger, this Los Angeles office just screams stylish and beautiful! The gorgeous glass desk with modern gold base has less visual weight, allowing the room to feel airier while exuding style and glamour at the same time. The built-in desk by the window, on the other hand helps to maximize storage for documents and minimize clutter. Additionally, the desk's surface provides a wonderful place to display art, favorite belongings and decorations. The lovely black velvet settee adds extra seating to the space and the bar cart suggests a laid-back and casual vibe. Such a chic, freshly layered and thoughtfully designed room, what's not to love? Any thoughts?


  1. Fantastic. Love this space! The desk is a jewel!

  2. Can't believe how small this space is, it's gorgeous and every nook maximized beautifully!


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