Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cool firm alert- Bright DesignLab!

Introducing Bright DesignLab, a Portland, Oregon-based design firm specializing in both private residences and commercial projects. Their design approach is combining stylish elements with a modern edge. Intrigued? Let's check out their fabulous portfolio, shall we?


Photo credit: Bright DesignLab

How incredibly chic are these interiors? Fresh and visually interesting, these rooms exudes an effortless vibe with a modern minimalist feel. Such tasteful, inspiring and unconventionally beautiful designs, what's not to love? Are you a fan of their stylish work as well?

For more information about this firm, please visit: Bright DesignLab.


  1. Clean, uncluttered and chic. Love it!

  2. The living room with the fireplace and neutral colors (photo between the bathroom photos) is the only room I like. This "modern edge" is not for me. Honestly, the furnishings in this house seem like a big waste of money, but to each their own taste.


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