Friday, May 19, 2017

Inside a bold and gorgeous custom home in Buckhead!

This gorgeous custom home in Buckhead is the work of interior designer Melanie Turner and developer Stan Benecki. Raising the bar with design, this husband and wife team truly pushed the boundaries by employing features that are familiar yet innovative. Unsurprisingly, upon completion, this stunning property was sold within three days! Let's take a look at this beautiful residence, shall we?

Photo credit: Mali Azima

This home absolutely wows my socks off! Using a simple palette of black and white with brass accents, this home truly exudes a sense of style and timelessness. I really like the marriage of bold contrast, touches of newer pieces and traditional elements together for a fresh new twist. The glossy custom tiles on the walls and high barrel ceiling in the kitchen is a striking feature I particularly like. I am definitely inspired by this thoughtfully-designed home, what about you? Are you drawn to this fabulous home as well?


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