Monday, May 15, 2017

An urban and stylish industrial loft in Salt Lake City!

Designer Mikelle Mabey was enlisted by a renter to transform an urban, two-story industrial loft in Salt Lake City. The space is a renter's and designer's dream! It comes with large windows, ample space and a desirable floor plan. The challenge? No painting is allowed and no cosmetic or structural changes could be made. The designer cleverly hired a woodworker to create a floor-to-ceiling reclaimed wood "wall" to cover a large, unattractive brown Venetian plaster wall and made it a beautiful focal point in the process. Intrigued? Let's check out the results of this makeover, shall we?


 Photo credit: Front + Main

Such a stylish and gorgeous makeover! A combination of exposed brick and cement walls, reclaimed wood, wood flooring and wood pieces provides warmth, character and visual interest to this industrial loft, don't you think? A beautiful, well-designed and inspiring space, what's not to love about this abode? Your thoughts?

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