Friday, May 26, 2017

A designer's bold and beautiful home in Hartfort!

This 11,000-square-foot home in Hartfort belongs to designer Kellie Burke that she shares with her entrepreneur husband and their young son. With a creative and unconventional decorating approach, her home is a reflection of her unique style and sensibility. Let's check out her bold and beautiful home, shall we?

Photo credit: Michael Partenio

How gorgeous is this home? The designer's daring mix of bright colors, bold patterns and eclectic pieces definitely creates a heightened sense of drama and visual delight in each space. She definitely has a flair for weaving together the unique and unexpected to make a grand design statement. Her decorating style is clearly not for those with a faint of heart. However, I find her uncommon design approach truly delightful and inspirational. Her cozy, elegant living room and her beautiful formal dining room are especially my favorites. What do you think of her fearless design style? Are you a fan or otherwise? I would love to know your thoughts!

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  1. Design style not for everyone but very done perfectly A fantastic mix of periods.


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