Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Plans and inspirations for my spring garden!

Spring is finally here and that got us thinking about our yard and garden. We hope to improve our outdoor space by adding a pop of color with some plants. So last weekend, we headed to Lowe's. We usually opt for perennials because they are considerably less fussy and are more likely to thrive in our garden year-after-year.

As we strolled around Lowe's, we saw a lot of lovely Monrovia plantsMonrovia is one of our favorite growers because they grow the healthiest and highest quality plants. Monrovia plants also come with a detailed care and planting instructions to ensure the success and improve the results of your gardening. Isn't that wonderful?

Rows and rows of gorgeous Monrovia perennials at Lowe's!

Love the variety of pretty flowers from Monrovia!

A few plants from Monrovia caught my eyes right away. In the end, we picked the Freya Clustered Bellflower and Alpino Deep Rose Saxifrage plants for their gorgeous blooms and vibrant colors. 

Here they are! 

Aren't they beautiful? 

I think the small, delicate red and yellow Alpino Deep Rose Saxifrage flowers look really good against the taller purple Saxifrages Freya Clustered Bellflowers. Both plants complemented each other really well in terms of size and color, don't you think? These lovely plants would definitely add a much needed 'pop of color' in my front garden.

On Sunday, I wanted to transplant my pretty flowers to my garden but unfortunately due to severe flood warnings this week, my gardening plans will have to be postponed until the weather gets better. I can already envisioned how good they would look in front of my birch tree! :)

To be honest, our garden is still very much a work in progress so I am constantly looking for garden inspirations. Thankfully, Monrovia offers a ton of wonderful garden ideas with great plant suggestions according to your zone and region through their Grow Beautifully Program, so don't forget to check them out when you get a chance!

Some of the gorgeous garden inspirations you will find on their Grow Beautifully Program!

Image credit: Monrovia

So much gorgeousness! Seeing these stunning images make me want to completely rip off my sad little garden and replace it with truckloads of pretty flowers right away. I guess a better way to achieve a beautiful garden is to have a solid gardening plan, don't you think? 

Finding the right plants for my region (zone 5) would be a good start. These are some of the plants in my zone that I am particularly drawn to! 

Image credit: Doreen Wynja

Image credit: Doreen Wynja

Image credit: Doreen Wynja

Image credit: Doreen Wynja

Image credit: Doreen Wynja

Image credit: Doreen Wynja

Image credit: Monrovia

Feeling inspired? Start planning your dream garden now by visiting Monrovia's websiteJust enter your zip code and a list of plants that would grow in your region will pop up! Now you don't have to wonder what plants to grow in your area! For helpful garden planning and design tips, don't forget to sign up for their Monrovia newsletter.

To check out more Monrovia plants in person, don't forget to head over to your local garden center or Lowe's across the country! Remember, Monrovia plants are really easy to spot, just look for their iconic green pots! What are your favorite flowers to grow this spring? 


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