Friday, April 7, 2017

A charming and effortlessly chic, coastal style home in Costa Rica!

This charming beach home in Costa Rica is designed by Beth Webb. Webb's clients wanted a bright, breezy and clean palette for their home and a design that would work well with its tropical surroundings. Webb accomplished her design mission by incorporating a refined blue-and-white palette with warm, textural elements and striking handcrafted accessories. Let's check out how she did it, shall we?

Photo credit: Erica George Dines

Chic, comfortable with a laid-back feel, this gorgeous abode is the perfect vacation home, thanks to its beautiful interiors and breathtaking views! I like how the designer uses a strict palette of blue and white throughout the space for a sense of flow and cohesiveness. Woven pieces are used to inject warmth and visual interest. Such a stunningly and thoughtfully designed home, what's not to love about this charming resort home? 

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  1. Beth's designs always are chic and sophisticated. She show that this works in a vacation home as well as an estate property!


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