Thursday, March 2, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

I am absolutely wowed by this super gorgeous kitchen! Designed by Rebekah for her clients with a background in the restaurant biz, this fabulous kitchen is inspired by hard-working commercial kitchens. The striking vintage-style range and range hood are definitely the stars of this kitchen. The backdrop of this kitchen is the white classic subway tiles; they are simple yet functional, providing some graphic visual interest without competing with the stunning range. Beautiful details are aplenty in this kitchen. For example, the oversized brass pendant lights that draws your eyes up to the wonderful coffered ceilings and the wire mesh door inserts overlaid with the diamond patterns on the cabinets that provide additional visual interest to the space. The large island provides additional counter space and seating while visually grounding the kitchen. By combining a mix of brass and silver hardware, different style sinks and countertops in different materials, this kitchen feels effortless, uncontrived and delightful. The pretty butler's pantry is a wonderful addition. The dark gray Venetian plaster, white marble countertops and curved blacksplash exude style, elegance and a sense of understated luxury. This is definitely the kitchen of my dreams, what about you? Are you drawn to this well-designed kitchen as much as I do?   

Photo credit: Nathan Kirkman


  1. I love this kitchen with two exceptions--one is what my eyes tell me, the other is functional. My eyes don't like the subway tile walls--I think the room would look much better with a white smooth tile surface (or stone/quartz) which doesn't pull the eye from other details. I don't think the 'loud grout' goes with the mesh cabinet inserts. Secondly, although the pots LOOK good above the stove, if one does cook, they will get very greasy and grimy from the stove below. A better idea would be a pot rack over the island.


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