Friday, March 17, 2017

A fresh and elegant historic home in California!

This historic 1902 California home is transformed by designer Kendall Wilkinson for a young family. Balancing classic style with plenty of whimsy, this home feels fresh, sophisticated and elegant. Let's take a look at this beautiful residence, shall we?

Photo credit: John Merkl

How gorgeous is this home? With a combination of classic pieces and contemporary furnishings, this historic home feels modernized yet remaining true to its roots. The designer did a great job bringing flow and cohesiveness to the house by injecting a dose of purple accents from room to room. The stunning kitchen, glamorous powder room and dramatic dressing room are particularly my favorites. Which room(s) from this lovely tour catches your eye, my lovelies?

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  1. Love this home. The colors are outstanding! Even great uses of my favorites of black and gold.
    Happy Weekend...


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