Monday, March 20, 2017

A fresh and elegant El Paso home!

This stunning El Paso house is transformed by designers José Solís Betancourt and Paul Sherrill for their clients with a vision for elegant Southwestern style. The house already had good bones so all the designers need to do was to contemporize it. Let's find out how the designers did it, shall we?

Photo credit: Werner Straube

How stunning! Although this home is mostly neutral, it is far from dull, thanks to a mix of eclectic furnishings, wonderful textures and beautiful details that helps to awaken each room. There is so much warmth, character and elegance in this gorgeous light-filled home, don't you think? I am truly drawn to the lovely breakfast room, inviting kitchen and the swoon-worthy bathroom, what about you? Your thoughts?


  1. Sophisticated and full of texture and style!

  2. Light. Easy feel. Simple coziness. 😊


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