Friday, January 20, 2017

Inside a fresh, classically chic Atlanta home!

Homeowner Keely Woodall and her young family of four had recently relocated from Atlanta to Jacksonville. To realize her vision for her new home, she hired designer Andrew Howard for help. Let's check out the gorgeous transformation below!

Photo credit: Max Kim-Bee

I am absolutely in love with this incredibly beautiful home! There are a lot of delightful details to be found in every room especially in the bold and vibrant dining room, in the fabulous kitchen with the bleached oak cabinetry, in the cozy family room with the wood paneling and in the lovely girl's bedroom with the pretty paisley wallpaper. This home feels fresh and classically chic, thanks to a thoughtful mix of vibrant colors, clean lines and classic furnishings. I truly enjoyed touring this effortlessly elegant and inviting abode, what about you? Are you drawn to this stunning home as much as I do?


  1. This is such a beautiful home. I have a hard time picking a favorite room since each are stunning.

  2. Jessie, if this is a repeat I apologize. As it goes sometimes I make errors and I'm not sure my comment went through. If so you can delete this one. I wanted to state that we lived in Atlanta for over 8 years and it has some of the most fantastic homes. Toured many and enjoyed all... Lots of inspirations.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Two thoughts: the living room could look less 'stilted' with more of a conversation area. (Decorator Suzanne Tucker does "comfortable" and "lived in" so well that now I look at homes with her eye.) Also, the bathroom: I wouldn't put a tub between the sinks. For me, I'd feel uncomfortable bathing there--not cozy enough for me. But to each their own and the decorating is certainly beautiful. Thank you for posting!

  4. I need to grab my issue of Atlanta Homes and keep that issue. The rose colored bedroom is wonderful with the window seat and i love the pocket door to the laundry room. The master bedroom with high wood ceiling beams is so captivating. Andrew's parents are so talented themselves i can see how his love for decor started.


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