Thursday, January 12, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

I am absolutely wowed by this super gorgeous space! Designed by the very talented Alex Papachristidis for the most recent Kips Bay Decorator Show House, this stunning white dining room is definitely a feast for the eyes! The first thing that captured my attention is the ethereal hand-painted wallpaper, it is definitely the perfect backdrop for the room. I am also in love with the beautifully crafted marble fireplace. The striking fireplace helps ground the space and provides a wonderful focal point in this room. The juxtaposition of antiques and 18th-century furniture with the bold, unexpected contemporary stenciled floor feels fresh and helps create an interesting visual dynamic in the space. Incorporating a seating area in the large dining area is a smart way to accommodate more guests during entertaining. Such an inviting, thoughtfully designed space, what's not to love? I am truly inspired by this amazing room, what about you? Your thoughts?

Photo credit: Thomas Loof


  1. WOW, Jessie. At first the wallpaper overwhelmed me. But after staring at it for a while, I liked it. The dining area is to die for--love the centerpiece. The gorgeous chairs, round table, and fireplace couldn't be more beautiful. Could I live with this wallpaper? I'm not sure. ButI love the white decor. Thank you for posting! If you posted "safe" pics all of the time, this wouldn't be so much fun!

  2. One of the most stunning dining rooms I've seen in years! It's gorgeous.


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