Monday, January 16, 2017

An effortlessly rustic and refined family Ontario cottage!

A Toronto-based couple couldn't agree over their decor preferences over their new-build 4,900-square-foot Ontario cottage. The husband wanted dark tones and a woodsy Aspen vibe and the wife wanted everything white with clean lines. Would Lidia Van Zyl, their designer be able to resolve this decorating conflict? Let's find out, shall we?

Photo credit: Tracey Ayton

This beautiful abode is right down my alley! The designer did a great job marrying both the couple's tastes for their home, don't you think? A wonderful combination of rustic pieces, cottage charm and industrial touches creates a chic, visually interesting dynamic. Thanks to a mix of styles, textures and natural elements, this home feels fresh, warm and delightful. Such an inspiring space, what's not to like? Your thoughts?


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