Friday, December 2, 2016

Inside a cozy and beautiful Montana guesthouse during the holidays!

This cozy Montana guesthouse is designed by Ken Fulk for one of his favorite clients, a couple with three grown children. Since becoming a close friend of the couple, Fulk helps them to decorate for the holidays as well. Let's take a look!


Photo credit: Douglas Friedman

Such an amazingly gorgeous home! I really love the elegance, the rustic elements and the beautiful details in this thoughtfully decorated holiday home. Exuding coziness, warmth and an air of festivity, this home feels more rustic holiday chic than stuffy Christmas. I like how the festive decor looks dramatic, yet fresh and restrained at the same time. The designer's flair for the cinematic style is truly admirable and inspirational, don't you think? I thoroughly enjoyed touring this stunning holiday home, what about you? Any thoughts?


  1. Love the design!! Especially the over-sized wreath and the gorgeous roses.

  2. Amei essa casa decorada para o natal.
    Essa lareira está divina.
    Tenha uma ótimo fim de semana.

  3. There's something immediately dignified about this venue - it is beautifully designed, tasteful, and understated. Went to this comfy Chicago event space recently, just the right temperature, good food and great experience.


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