Friday, August 12, 2016

An effortlessly fresh and chic log cabin in Colorado!

I am usually not a fan of classic log cabins but this gorgeous log house designed by the talented Thom Filicia turned me into a new fan! Decorated with plenty of rugs, pillows and throws, this home feels fresh and absolutely cozy! Let's check out this delightful Colorado abode, shall we?

Photo credit: Eric Piasecki

I can't get enough of this stunning home! Expertly designed with lots of colors, patterns and textures, this beautifully layered home exudes warmth, style and a laid-back vibe. The addition of eclectic furnishings and chic, worldly accents truly takes this log cabin to another level of gorgeousness! I would totally move into this dreamy log cabin with a modern twist, what about you? 

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  1. Jessie I agree. Not my favorite design choice but this "cabin" is amazing!!!
    L Patty


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