Monday, August 1, 2016

A chic and colorful New York City apartment!

What would you do if you accidentally walked into your dream home? You made an offer, of course! This is what happened to fashion buyer, Jay Meredith when she unknowingly walked into designer Michelle Smith's apartment. She made an offer to the designer right away. Later, she even asked the designer to decorate it for her! Let's check out how the two-bedroom Union Square apartment turned out, shall we?


Photo credit: Tony Vu

This is such a beautiful home! Bursting with vibrant colors, lovely patterns, along with the old and new, this apartment is definitely a visual treat. There's so much charm, personality and prettiness in every room, don't you think? Oozing a sense of feminine, eclectic chic vibe, this inspirational home is truly a beauty! What are your thoughts? 

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  1. The design has lots of color in the public areas and then calm colors creating a soothing bedroom retreat
    Thanks for sharing this one!
    L. Patty


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