Friday, July 29, 2016

A designer's charming and collected historic Long Island home!

This delightful two-bedroom saltbox beach house in Long Island belongs to designer Jennifer Vaughn Miller that she shares with her family of three. Although it was a historic home, the house was in move-in condition except for "interesting" color choices made by the previous owners. Every baseboard was painted in brick red and every wall was in covered in celery green. Major changes to the color palette were made after they moved in. Let's check out how it turned out, shall we?

Photo credit: Tony Vu

The wonderful exposed beam, wood door frames and wood backsplash are my favorites! These lovely elements bring so much warmth and character to this home, don't you think? I also like how the designer incorporated a few unexpected modern pieces amongst the mostly vintage furnishings for an updated look. A layered and collected home filled with charming touches, what's not to love about this comfortable home? Your thoughts?

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