Friday, June 10, 2016

Edie Parker founder Brett Heyman's beautiful Connecticut home!

This gorgeous six-bedroom Connecticut home is designed by Mark Cunningham for Edie Parker founder, Brett Heyman and her family. Marrying eclectic furnishings with bold, visually interesting pieces, this home is surprisingly calm and relaxing. Let's check out this swoon-worthy home, shall we?

Photo credit: Lesley Unruh

Such a beautiful home, inside and out! I really love how fresh, layered and calming each room looks. The lovely living room and inviting kitchen are particularly my favorites, what about you? Your thoughts?


  1. Lovely home and beautiful grounds!!!

  2. Swoon-worthy it definitely all is! You can tell just by looking at the home that a very creative person lives here!

  3. I love the traditional style mix in with very modern, contemporary style. The property is beyond beautiful.
    Thanks for another great post!


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