Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cool designer alert- Meg Hosler!

Introducing talented Boston-based designer, Meg Hosler. A former educator and full-time mother, Meg has always maintained a passion for decorating and knows how to create a beautiful, comfortable and functional home. In 2008, she founded Meggie H. Interiors, working part-time while still maintaining focus on her family. Eight years year, Meg is able to pursue her passion full-time after her first born sets off to college and her youngest about to get his driver's license. Her signature design style? Effortlessly elegant and traditionally chic. Without further ado, let's check out her beautiful portfolio, shall we?

The designer: Meg Hosler

Isn't her work gorgeous? I really love how fresh, layered and colorful her rooms are! She definitely has a great eye for color and design. Her modern interpretation on the classic, traditional style is absolutely refreshing and inspirational. I truly enjoyed her work, how about you? Your thoughts?

To learn more about the designer and her work, please visit:


  1. What great style. So fresh and loving the pink! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the palm beach feel of her spaces!

  3. Wow! I just cam across your blog and this post. Okay, I was googling my name to see if my website came up. Anyway, that is how I found your blog. Thank you so much Jessie! Very kind and flattering �� You made my weekend!
    xoxo Meg

  4. Thank you so much Jessie, very kind and flattering. I am honored to be featured on your blog. 💗
    xo- Meg


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