Friday, June 3, 2016

A young decorator's eclectic chic San Francisco apartment!

Be inspired by interior decorator Stacie Flinner's beautiful 900 square feet one-bedroom San Francisco apartment below!

Photo credit: Laura Resen

Despite being a newcomer in the design industry, her work is on par with any seasoned pros! Masterfully mixing different styles and eras in her home, her abode oozes a stylish, eclectic chic aesthetic. The way she combines a variety of colors, materials and patterns throughout her home is truly delightful and inspirational, don't you think? Your thoughts?


  1. This apartment is approximately 200 sq. ft. larger than our 700 sq. ft. but I was pleasantly surprised to see that pieces were placed in similar places as we have done. We too have mixed periods, textures and metals. It works and I was so happy to see a "Pro" take the same approach.

  2. This is lovely. We have bay windows similar to hers and I've been stalling to buy curtains...but this has convinced me that we have to!!! Very pretty home.

  3. I loved the navy blue colors thru out the apartment...the rooms look huge in the photos. Keeping this post for color reference ....Have a great weekend

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  5. Definitely "MIX AND CHIC"!!! Love it!


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