Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cool firm alert- The Design Atelier!

Introducing The Design Atelier, an Atlanta-based design firm. With a signature style for creating stunning and elegant spaces, their work is nothing short of beautiful and inspirational. Let's check out their lovely portfolio, shall we?

The designer: Melanie Miller
The designer: Solene Savarese
The designer: Jennifer Trapnell
Such gorgeous rooms! Their thoughtful designs and attention to details never cease to amaze me. Each room feels so fresh and timeless. The curved marble backsplash in the kitchen especially is a stroke of design genius, don't you think? Are you drawn to their work as much as I do?

For more information regarding their work, please visit:


  1. I'm familiar with Melanie's work and her partners' are also outstanding. Thank you for sharing their work.

  2. Jessie, I had to add that the kitchen is awesome! Love the way the back splash is curved. Also the overlapping circles are out of this world!
    Love their work!


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