Monday, May 16, 2016

A designer's bold and breathtaking California home!

Designer Alison Palevsky and her husband, Alexander have absolutely different styles when it comes to design. She prefers traditional, soft curves and mullioned windows and her husband, a über-modernist, favoring sleek lines and large expanses of glass.

When they bought a home in Pacific Palisades, California, they both love the neighborhood and location but they felt that it didn't take full advantage of the breathtaking views. They decided to draw some plans for a redesign but it turned out their plan didn't make any financial sense. To realize their design goals, they enlisted the help from architect Cass Calder Smith to start from scratch.

With the help from her architect, and nearly two decades in the design business and experience working for celebrity designers like Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Trip Haenisch, Alison transformed her home like a seasoned pro. Let's check out the results of this successful makeover, shall we?

Photo credit: Trevor Tondro

Successfully marrying two completely different styles, this home is truly the definition of chic! Exuding warmth, sophistication and visual delight, this home is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Using Art Deco period as their inspiration, I love how they make it their own by modernizing it. There are lots of large, bold and interesting statement pieces in their home which I totally adore. I love everything about this stylish, breathtaking home, what about you? Your thoughts? 


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