Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Top 5 plants to grow for beautiful cut flowers!

Thanks to Monrovia for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to bring color to my garden! 

Having fresh flowers for your home is a luxury to many because a bouquet of beautiful flowers can easily cost more than your lunch and coffee combined. If you want to enjoy fresh, gorgeous flowers for months to come without the high cost of store-bought flowers, now is the time to grow them!

Picking the right plant and most importantly a healthy plant is the first step towards achieving your dream garden. Monrovia, a long-trusted premium brand plant absolutely understands this and makes everyone a more successful gardener by providing a wonderful customized soil mix that helps your plants to stay healthy and flourish. 

Monrovia makes planning and creating your garden even easier. Just visit Monrovia's website, enter your zip code and a list of plants that would grow in your region will pop up! Now you don't have to scratch your head wondering what plants to grow in your area! :)

I am incredibly lucky to be living in a region where peonies thrive because frankly, who don't love peonies, yes? Just last weekend, I picked up this fabulous peony plant from my local Lowe's.

Like all Monrovia plants, my peony plant looks lush and super healthy. Because we had snow a few days ago (that's Illinois's crazy, unpredictable weather for you!) and the soil is still cold, I am going to wait before transferring it to our garden when the temperature gets warmer! 

I can't wait for my glorious peonies to bloom so I can turn them into cut flowers! And speaking of cut flowers, check out my top 5 plants to grow for beautiful cut flowers (besides peonies, of course)!

Photo credit: Doreen Wynja

Photo credit: Doreen Wynja

Photo credit: Doreen Wynja

Photo credit: Hort Printers

Photo credit: Monrovia

What are your favorite flowers to grow? To check out more Monrovia plants in person, don't forget to head over to your local garden centers and Lowe's across the country! Monrovia plants are really easy to spot, just look for the iconic green pots!

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