Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to start a subscription box business with Cratejoy!

Chances are, you have heard about subscription boxes by now because they are all the rage these days! There is a subscription box for everything from clothing to beauty products, food to health snacks, jewelries, shoes, toys, books and even socks! 

The subscription box concept is appealing to many because the customers usually don't know exactly what they will be getting, so it's fun and exciting! I mean, who doesn't love getting surprises on their doorsteps every month? 

So, my lovelies, if you already selling handmade products or crafts online and is not getting the revenue you expected, why not sell your products as a subscription? That way you can turn your one time buyer into a long term customer. #FindMeOnCratejoy

Let's face it. Growing a business is not always easy, so Cratejoy is here to help you with your online business by transforming you from an artisan into a business owner.

Cratejoy provides an all-in-one platform that lets anyone start a subscription business without hassle. On Cratejoy, artisans, craft makers and retailers can set up a store, manage their subscribers, ship dates, rebill dates, subscriber information, payments and much more from their dashboard.  

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Cratejoy lets sellers earn guaranteed recurring revenue by providing the tools to manage their subscribers who pay them monthly to receive their products. That way, instead of focusing your time and effort on marketing your products, you can now focus your time on creating and curating a fabulous monthly box for your wonderful subscribers!

Because Cratejoy is a subscription marketplace and it's the Etsy of subscription boxes, customers love it for its convenience and one stop shopping! Trust me, if you are a seller, you will love it too because you will receive tips, support and all the tools you need to grow your business.

Here's how to get started with Cratejoy! 

1. Sign in, then choose a website template.

2. Customize your website by adding text and images. There's no coding required.

3. Describe your products, choose what shipping schedules you want to offer, for example a monthly subscriptions, bi-monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.

4. Set up a payment processor (to receive payments) and that's it.

Pretty simple, yes?

You can start your FREE 2 week trial membership HERE! By sharing CrateJoy to your social media, you can also extend your free trial which will give you around 1 month free to try out and get comfortable with the software. Then, you can start selling when you are ready!

See what other sellers are saying about CrateJoy!

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As a bonus, I have a giveaway for you! Everyone who enters their email in 'Learn More' or 'Starts a Free Trial' from THIS LINK will be automatically entered to win one of 5 $200 free shipping on CrateJoy. Which means, when you launch your store and get subscribers, you will get $200 towards shipping anything you sell on your subscription store. How awesome is that?

So what do you think about this platform? Are you ready to jump on the subscription box business bandwagon? What would you be selling? I would love to know!

Thanks for letting me share this wonderful product with you and for supporting the brands and companies that help support my blog!

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  1. i'VE NEVER heard of this before todaY! Thanks for the info Jessie!


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