Monday, February 1, 2016

Home tour- Inside a designer's fresh and fabulous Brooklyn brownstone home!

Be inspired by New York designer Fawn Galli's fresh and fabulous Brooklyn brownstone home that she shares with her architect husband and two young sons!

Photo credit: Tony Vu

Isn't this home fantastic? Such a bright and visually interesting space! I really love how she incorporates vintage and eclectic pieces with contemporary elements to achieve a layered and collected vibe. Her penchant for mixing a variety of furnishings and found objects are truly admirable, don't you think? Effortlessly chic, glamorous and worldly, there's so much to be inspired by this delightful home. What are your thoughts?


  1. Color, wow what a fantastic use of color!!!

  2. Love the color combinations, she is fearless, love that!

  3. fabulous...lot's to love...especially her bravery with the pink staircase!

  4. Fabulous indeed! Love the BOLD pink stairs!


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