Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Home tour- A fresh and modern Colorado log cabin home!

Designed by the talented Thom Felicia for a family weekend getaway, this log cabin home in Colorado is not what you would normally see or expect! Let's check out this log cabin home with a modern twist, shall we?

Photo credit: Eric Piasecki

Such a gorgeous non-typical log cabin home, don't you think? By incorporating fresh, modern elements and worldly accents into this log cabin, he successfully transformed it into an inviting, lively, rustic chic abode! I can't keep my eyes off of the many interesting textures, finishes and delightful details in this stylish home! Warm, rustic with an eclectic modern touch, what's not to love about this inspiring and visually interesting home? Your thoughts?

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  1. Love this! I bought a log cabin home and I've been struggling to figure out how much wood furniture I can integrate without it feeling way too wooded. I want a mid century boho look but worried about too much wood. Do you have any other log cabin homes I can look at for ideas? Thank u!


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