Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cool designer alert- Jenn Feldman!

Introducing talented Los Angeles-based interior designer, Jenn Feldman. After being chosen by designer Nate Berkus as a winner of the Oprah Winfey's first design contest in 2007, Jenn appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and her design work was published in O at Home Magazine. She then founded Jenn Feldman Designs and leads a group talented designers for all her design projects. Let's check out her fabulous portfolio, shall we?


The designer: Jenn Feldman

Photo credit: The Feldman Company

Such a gorgeous portfolio! All rooms are well-designed with a sense of elegance and timeless modern twist! I really like how fresh and effortlessly chic these spaces are! Is there anything that catches your eye? 

For more information on Jenn Feldman Designs, please visit:

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  1. Amazing interiors! I love the harmony & combinations of colours. Thanks for beautiful inspirations!:-)


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