Friday, November 13, 2015

Home tour- A young designer's chic and eclectic Los Angeles apartment!

Be inspired by young designer, Katie Hodges chic and eclectic one-bedroom, Los Angeles apartment!

Photo credit: Amy Bartlam

Such a fabulously decorated apartment! I really like how layered, collected and inviting this home looks. The juxtaposition of eclectic pieces with a variety of textiles and textures helps create a delightful and visually interesting abode. I am particularly drawn to her gorgeous brass cocktail table, what about you? Do you enjoy touring this lovely apartment as much as I do? Thoughts?


  1. OMG....this is wonderful ...I will send to my daughter to view she will really enjoy the colors and the cute kitchen. I love the framed sign above the stove.....that is so my daughter and myself when it comes to cooking.


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