Friday, November 6, 2015

Home tour- A beautiful Westchester home with pretty floral and eye-catching patterns!

This beautiful Westchester County, New York home is designed by Ashley Whittaker. By thoughtfully incorporating pretty floral and and eye-catching patterns in her designs, this home is transformed into a charming and joyful abode. Let's take a tour of this lovely residence, shall we?

Photo credit: Beatriz Da Costa

What a gorgeous, gorgeous home! The layering and combination of pretty prints and geometric patterns absolutely transformed this home into a visually delightful abode. I am particularly drawn to the awe-inspiring dining room with the gold cage pendants, the fabulous powder room with the fancy parterre wallpaper and the inviting master bedroom with the elegant bed. This home is filled with so much eye candy, what's not love? Your thoughts?


  1. This home is so bright and cheerful! A HAPPY Home!

  2. Wow, that living room is huge! I love how bright the home is and I adore the green throughout.


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