Friday, November 20, 2015

10 Tips For Spreading Holiday Cheer And Kindness With Kleenex! #SpreadKleenexCare

Showing love and kindness should be a year long practice and there's no better time of year than the approaching holiday season to display gestures of care. I must admit that I have been very fortunate to be on the receiving end of love and kindness from family, friends and random acts of genuine kindness from strangers. 

There's one particular act of kindness from a stranger that is deeply rooted in my memory that I want to share with you today. When I was in elementary school, I would take the school bus to school everyday. However, the bus was always packed so I had to stand since there wasn't any seats available. I remembered carrying a big bagpack with heavy textbooks on my back. When I got inside the bus, a kind high school student whom I did not know would waved at me and then proceeded to give up her seat for me. She showed me the same kindness not for a day but on a daily, regular basis. Needless to say, her act of kindness really touched my heart and till this day, I still remember what she looks like (this happened more than 20 years ago).

Her act of kindness was so inspirational that I made a vow to help a stranger whenever I can. I would always give my seat to someone who is standing, hold the door open for someone or help a disabled person to retrieve an item located on upper shelves in a grocery store, etc. #SpreadKleenexCare

I think all acts of kindness will be appreciated no matter how big or how small. During this holiday season, Kleenex wants you to spread cheer and show gestures of care.

To be honest, showing love, care and kindness to people around us is really not that difficult. Here are some of my favorite ways to show someone I care!

1. Surprise a loved one with a small gift for no reason at all.

2. Make a nutritious meal or two for a friend who is sick or for a friend who just had a baby.

3. Offer help to a friend in need whether it's house moving, taking care of their pets while they are on vacation, etc.

4. Buy food for a homeless person.

5. Volunteer your time for a good cause.

6. Create a handmade card and leave a thoughtful note for a friend or a loved one.

7. Offer someone your skill for free!

8. Leave things cleaner than you found them.

9. Let another go first in the checkout line.

10. Donate food or/and clothing to a local mission or homeless shelter. 

Since it's the cold and flu and also a holiday season, I am planning to gift someone I care about with Kleenex Winter Pack. The convenient, must-have combo includes 8 tissue boxes of Kleenex® Lotion, plus 3 tissue boxes of Kleenex® Perfect Fit® Winter Designs for just $15.96 per pack, available exclusively at Sam's ClubDelivering strength and indulgent softness, Kleenex® Lotion facial tissues feature 3-ply construction for thickness and absorbency, and Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a soothing touch to delicate skin. I also really like how Kleenex® Perfect Fit® tissues feature 2-ply quality, an upright box with a small footprint (the perfect size for small spaces) and cheerful, winter designs to add a festive touch for the holidays! 

If you are not already a Sam's Club member, you should join their membership pronto to save time and money for all your holiday purchases. 

Don't forget to treat your sniffles and sneezes this season with the softness of Kleenex Holiday tissues. Show your loved ones a little TLC with #SpreadKleenexCare and these cute holiday packs!

How do you plan to show care this holiday season?

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