Friday, September 25, 2015

The brand new studio at One King's Lane!

One Kings Lane has always been one of my favorite online retail store for its carefully curated pieces. They also have some of the best stylists so it's easy to see why it is also one of my go-to places for fresh and beautiful design inspirations!

Perhaps I have been living under the rock, but do you guys know that recently, One Kings Lane has opened a brick and mortar store in New York? The store or more appropriately, the studio, as they call it is opened by appointment only where you will be assigned a stylist to give you a one-on-one design consultation and help you pick the pieces you want. How fabulous is that, yes?

I wish I live in New York at times like this so I can check out the studio in person! For those of us who are not living in the New York area, let's take a peek at the gorgeous studio, shall we?

Isn't this studio swoon-worthy? By mixing the new and vintage, artisanal creations with designer pieces, the rooms and vignettes are given a fresh, collected and layered look! Chic, visually delightful and inspiring, what's not to love about this new, fabulously designed studio? Your thoughts?

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  1. One King's Lane has certainly grown in the last years! I remember when they had one sale a day at 11:00am and boy you had to be right on your computer to click to be the first to get the item. They usually were only one of a kind. Love this new venture!

  2. I would love to visit that store someday! So much eye-candy!


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