Monday, September 7, 2015

O'More College of Design Showhouse 2014!

Happy Labor Day, my lovelies! Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite rooms designed by the O'more College of Design alumni and friends for a Victorian-style home in Franklin, Tennessee. Let's check these stunning spaces, shall we?

Grand foyer designed by: L. Jonathan Savage

Living room designed by: Kathleen Evers

Dining room designed by: Mark Simmons and Deb Tallent

Study designed by: Dana Goodman and Crysta A. Parish

Sunroom designed by: Joanne Hayes

Stairwell designed by: Eric Ross and Christine Barker

Loft designed by: Lauren Devens

Guest room designed by: Kathy Sandler

Guest bedroom and bath designed by: Ralph Cadenhead

Back porch designed by: Shirley Horowitz and Natalie Duff

Garden shed designed by: Misti Fahr

Photo credit: Werner Straube
Aren't these rooms gorgeous? I really like how the designers incorporate modern elements with traditional furnishings to create a layered, timeless and updated look in these spaces. Fresh, classically chic and inspiring, these swoon-worthy rooms are worth revisiting again and again. Which room are you most drawn to and why? Thoughts?


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