Monday, August 3, 2015

How to #LiveBrighter through home décor and family activities!

Thanks to Direct Energy for sponsoring this post and encouraging everyone to #LiveBrighter!  

In conjunction with Direct Energy's #LiveBrighter campaign, I am going to share how you can live brighter through your home décor and family activities!

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while, you know how I adore bright colors and am never shy about using them to decorate my home! Why, you ask? Because bright colors make me happy!

My living room.

The seating area in my master bedroom.

My dining room.

My son's bedroom.

My guest bedroom.

Are you ready to #LiveBrighter through a bright and colorful home décor? I have compiled 5 easy ways to help you apply bright, happy colors confidently in your own home! 

#1. Seek and gather your inspirations. Find out what colors appeal to you through inspirational room images, your wardrobe, your fashion accessories or even a page off an advertisement that catches your eye. Chances are, you will see a consistent pattern of the colors you like. Pick those color combinations as your color palette for your upcoming decorating project!

#2. Think about the mood and effect you want to create in a room. If your goal is to make a space appear larger, go with lighter shades. But if you want create a cozy feeling, opt for rich, saturated hues.

#3. Know the decorating rules so you can break them! I am sure you have heard of this decorating rule, pick 2 or 3 main colors and combine them with neutrals (black, beige, white, gray) to create a color scheme. So, what are your options if you love more than 3 main colors and want to use them all in the same room?

My advice? Forget about those rules! If you repeat your favorite colors enough in a room, it will work! Trust me, just look at the rooms above, each spaces have more than 4 colors and yet, they still work. 

#4. Keep your color shades consistent! If have more than 4 main colors in a room, they will still work ONLY IF you stick to those color shades exclusively (plus other neutrals). 

For example, if you wish to incorporate red, blue, yellow and green in a room, determine which red, which blue, which yellow and which green to use in your room. Do not combine bright red with burgundy, lemon yellow with mustard yellow, navy blue with turquoise and emerald green with neon green together in the same room because the inconsistency of all the mismatched shades of colors will create a busy, overwhelming room. 

The only time you don't have to be consistent with your shades is when you have 2 or less main color in your color palette.

#5. Follow your guts! One of the most common decorating advice we always hear is using the same color scheme throughout our home to create a sense of cohesiveness. 

My advice? Just follow your heart. To be perfectly honest, I have never given any thought about creating cohesion throughout my own home but as you can clearly see in the pictures above, the color palettes are very similar in every room! It is actually not that surprising because chances as, we are drawn to certain colors and whether we realized it or not, we have a tendency to repeat the same color combo again and again. So in the end, everything works! 

There you have it, my lovelies! Give decorating some thought but don't overthink about it. These are some of the decorating rules I apply when it comes to my own decorating projects and my clients' design projects as well. Hopefully, you find them useful!

While we are at the topic of living brighter, I think quality family time is especially important to build strong family relationships. As a family, we like to incorporate fun, family activities during the weekends! Through these family activities, we hope to create a strong family bond and connection with each other! 

During colder days, my hubby and I would try to find wonderful family activities to do together by visiting the library and local museums. Occasionally, we would play pool and bowling. 

Reading at the library!

Having fun at a Science museum!

Playing pool for the first time!

Because we have such a long and dreary winter here in Illinois, we try to spend more time doing outdoor activities when the weather gets warmer. Sometimes we go to the zoo, to the botanical garden, boating, camping, kite flying, etc. Check out some of the outdoor activities we did together as a family!

Kite flying in spring!

We walked, we hiked, we barbecued and enjoyed nature to the fullest during our 4 day camping trip recently.

One of the absolutely stunning views we saw during our hiking expedition!

The highlight of our trip, the gorgeous waterfall!

Playing with the water at the waterfall!

Learning how to play miniature golf!

In the coming weeks, we will be having a picnic in a park and we will also be heading to the beach! Needless to say, my son is excited about our upcoming outings! My lovelies, so what fun outdoor activities do you do as a family during weekends? Any #LiveBrighter ideas to share?

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What do you do to #LiveBrighter? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. You should visit our neck of the woods Jessie, you will love the Garden of the Gods! Where did you go camping at? Beautiful spot, glad you guys had a great time!


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