Friday, June 19, 2015

Home tour- A playful and whimsical Paris apartment!

This 3-bedroom, early 20th-century Paris apartment belongs to an architect and his interior architect wife that they share with their 3 young children. They renovated their home to mimic the feeling of "houses within the house" by incorporating a "greenhouse kitchen", an artificial tree and an entry that resembles a street setting. The results? An absolutely fun, playful and uniquely whimsical home! Let's check out this fabulous abode, shall we?

Photo credit: Morten Holtum

Such a jaw-dropping home, I am swooning over so many elements in this amazing apartment! From the out of the box design concept to the high ceilings with the wonderful skylights, this home is truly awesome and awe-inspiring, don't you think? I am so in love with this fantastic apartment, I want to move right in. What about you? Would you live in a home like this?


  1. Whimsical for sure! The kitchen is awesome.

  2. Love this concept, it realy feels like "open air" :-)
    p.s. just came back from Paris!

  3. So interesting! Thanks for sharing!


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