Sunday, May 31, 2015

Featured post- GoHaus!

Recently, I was introduced to GoHaus, a new company who offers a premier selection of innovative and sustainable home construction products at the right price.

Now you may ask, how is GoHaus different than the rest of the remodeling and home flooring sites?

1. Personal experience.

GoHaus believes in great customer service and engaging in human-to-human relationship by helping their customers with any tough design decisions by providing a real design consultant so they feel confident about their own remodeling projects

Don't we all love a little guidance from design professionals when we are stuck in a design dilemma?

2. Solutions.

GoHaus is focused on offering clear and concise solutions for hardwood floors installation and care for their customers. 

There's nothing better than receiving some extra help and advice before making a big purchasing decision, don't you think?

3. The ultimate knowledge database.

GoHaus aims to provide a great wealth of information and resources for homeowners with its useful how-to articles, helpful videos and wonderful inspirations all in one place for your quick and easy reference! 

I can personally attest to their high quality, original and wonderfully written articles!

4. Sustainable products, right price.

Most importantly, GoHaus offers a premier selection of innovative and sustainable home construction products at the right price! 

My lovelies, this is definitely a website to visit and bookmark! Don't forget to check out their fabulous website when you get a chance!

Disclosure: I have received compensation for the publication of this post.

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