Thursday, May 14, 2015

Favorite room of the week!

This is not a room per se, but this is my favorite space of the week! A design collaboration between Los-Angeles based designer Michael S. Smith and landscape designer Philip Roche, this terrace from a Manhattan penthouse is absolutely stunning and inspiring! I really like how the designer blended classic outdoor furnishings with beautiful lush layers and greenery in a seamless, effortless way! Such a gorgeous, inviting outdoor oasis, what's not to love? Thoughts?

Photo credit: Melanie Acevedo


  1. This post is perfect since I want to be outdoors now all the time!

  2. sorry if this is received twice: Love this hidden jewel in a big city...I need to focus on my outdoor space now!!

  3. I love this outdoor space. Maybe someday ours will be as lush!

  4. What an amazing outdoor area. Love the beautiful table setting, and the flowers and plants…gorgeous!


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