Friday, April 3, 2015

Home tour- A fresh and youthful Los Angeles home!

With a newly bought home, comedy writer Erin Foster isn't sure how to pull everything together. With the help from interior designers Estee Stanley, Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone from Spruce, her home is transformed into a fresh and youthful abode! Let's check out her fabulous Los Angeles home, shall we?


Photo credit: Justin Coit

Such a beautiful home, don't you think? By incorporating a pretty pastel palette throughout the rooms, this home exudes a sense of girly charm, cohesiveness and continuity. I really like how light and layered this home looks. Such a chic, refreshing and inspiring home, what's not to love? Thoughts?


  1. Love the BRIGHT colors in the living room ( Frankly, grey is getting a little boring...)

  2. Yes, love all the unique art work all around!

  3. This is an awesome home. Happy Easter.

  4. Love the art work in the living room. Could you divulge the source? The entire vibe is so upbeat and happy!

  5. i am loving the look of these spaces.
    i have changed so much since my move to maine.
    i need much more 'contemporary' touches.
    it s so heavy and dark here -
    except for the summer & fall months.

    this was a great post.
    loved the look.


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