Thursday, March 26, 2015

Favorite room of the week!

I can't stop swooning over this stunning room! Can you imagine it's not a room but rather a window display? Designed by Mark D. Sikes for the Legends 2014 showrooms, the overall theme was inspired by the novel, "Orient Express". I thought the Asian pieces and color scheme fit in nicely with the title of the novel! Everything about this room especially the chairs and floor tiles are so gorgeous! There is something very calming and elegant about the timeless blue and white color palette, don't you think? I love how the designer uses various patterns and interesting details in a monochromatic color scheme to add visual interest. Such an unforgettable and delightful space! I can envision using these lovely inspirations for an entryway or a living room. What do you think? Are you inspired by this beautiful room as much as I do?

Photo credit: Bethany Nauert


  1. You know how much I'm into the blue and white phase, so I'm inlove with everything here! I saw very similar lamps at Furbish, I'm seriously considering getting them!

  2. Simply gorgeous! He is a master with blue and white!!


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