Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Atlanta Symphony Showhouse 2014!

These are some of my favorite rooms designed by Georgia's top interior designers for the Atlanta Symphony Showhouse. Let's take a look at these beautiful and inspiring spaces!

Family room designed by Timothy Corrigan

Grand salon designed by Barbara Westbrook

Solarium designed by Robert Brown

Living room designed by Patricia McLean

Morning room designed by John Oetgen

Powder room designed by James Farmer

Teenage bedroom designed by Tish Mills

Photo credit: Emily Jenkins Followill

I can't stop swooning at each of these gorgeous rooms! Each designer brings something completely different to the table with their incredible talents! I will take any of one of the rooms above in a heartbeat but if I have to choose my most favorite room, then it has to be the grand salon designed by Barbara Westbrook. The beautiful scenic wallcovering completely took my breath away. I like how the designer uses a mixture of old and new to create a layered, timeless yet updated look for the space, making it feel classic and fresh at the same time. What do you think? Which room gets your vote?


  1. I happen to agree with you. Beautiful wallpaper.
    The House of Hampton

  2. The home this year promises to be another stunning, stately, gorgeous home!


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