Monday, January 5, 2015

Home tour- A beautiful and charming Bahamas home!

This fabulous Bahamas home belongs to equestrian lover and designer Amanda Lindroth resulting in an absolutely charming living quarter and family barn! Let's take a tour of this beautiful home, shall we?

Photo credits: Francesco Lagnese

A gorgeous home, don't you think? I really like the mix of casual and polished pieces with a small dose of rustic touch, it's such a charming and refreshing combination! Each and every detail is delightful and visually interesting. I am especially drawn to the fabulous fabric covered bedroom and the charming figurines above the sofa. What about you? Any element that catches your eye as well? Thoughts?


  1. What a gorgeous, warm and inviting home! I love all the textures and antique treasures.


  2. Love the feel of this home...hope you have a wonderful New Year...

  3. Fabulous!!!! I won't need any vacation if I lived here! Happy New Year Jessie!


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