Friday, October 24, 2014

Home tour- A bright, bold and beautiful Los Angeles home!

Be inspired by furniture designer/ designer Kim Salmela's bright, bold and beautiful Los Angeles home below!

Such a gorgeous home! I really love her fun and fearless approach in mixing and matching. She definitely has a great eye for pulling together different styles in a delightful, effortless way! Can you imagine she dyed the white linen curtains an ombré yellow to "give the room a glow"? Such a wonderful idea! 

I am a firm believe for creating contrasts in a room so each piece will shine. And she said it best! 

"Masculine next to feminine. Inexpensive next to expensive. Contrast creates the best design and highlights the beauty of each piece. If everything is all one style, you look around the room and nothing stands out."- Kim Salmela

I absolutely agree! Judging from her fabulous home, I think she uses contrast (in color, texture and style) effectively to create a visually interesting home. Love this inspirational tour, what about you? Thoughts?

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  1. I love that blue andw hite bedroom!! So, so beautiful. Lovely inspiration.


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