Friday, September 19, 2014

Home tour- A soulful and eclectic decorator's home in Mexico City!

This historic home is designed by decorator Dirk Jan Kinet. Inspired by Mexico culture, this soulful home is charming as well as inspiring! Let's take a look at this amazing Mexico City home, shall we?

Photo credit: Pablo Zamora

This home gorgeousness is absolutely off the charts! Using a wide array of unusual European antiques, interesting well-worn pieces and vibrant colors, the decorator-homeowner manages to create a warm and collected space that exudes charm, character and beauty! I love his flair for the dramatic and eclectic! He is a very talented designer for sure. Are you a fan of this fabulous designer as well? Thoughts? 


  1. What a beautiful home - it's like you are wondering into a museum! so eclectic and full of depth!

  2. Amazing scale and color! But the Best.....the toilet paper holder!

  3. Oh my that's a lovely home. All the images are so beautiful.

  4. Oh my that's a lovely home. All the images are so beautiful.


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