Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Home tour- A gorgeous Moroccan home!

My lovelies, be inspired by this gorgeous seaside Moroccan home below!

Photo credit: Jordi Canosa

This home is the ideal getaway, don't you think? I am obsessed with those beautiful architectural details particularly the stunning arches. I am also in love with the tall ceilings and refreshing color scheme. My favorite room? The two effortlessly chic bedrooms! Do you enjoy this delightful home tour as much as I do?


  1. Wow this is gorgeous!! My favorite part too is all the amazing archways between rooms. And the lounge area with the ocean views is absolutely to die for!

  2. Lovely considered home, sadly it will require a lot of baby proofing. Love the light and volume of the space. Thanks for the peak inside this

  3. I can't help wanting to bring a little bit of that Moroccan experience home with me. Thanks for sharing...


  4. Yes, that outdoor area is my dream getaway!! WOW! Absolutely stunning!

  5. Hello Jessie
    That is a very beautiful house. I particularly love the blue bedspread

    Helen x

  6. Oh Yes! its like living in a resort!

  7. I really like it…the high ceilings, the arches, the pattern, the open, airy feel….a brilliant home.


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