Friday, April 4, 2014

Home tour- A painter's lake home in Atlanta!

Atlanta fine art painter, Dawne Rawlet Hall decided to purchase a cozy, 1930s ramshackle cabin and turned it into a summer getaway home. However, the cabin had dark-paneled walls and layout issues. To brighten up the cabin, she used gallons of white paint and mainly white and cream furnishings. She then hired a custom home builder to resolve the layout. For the finishing touches, she enlisted help from her friend, interior designer Shawn Broaddus. The results? A bright and charming lake home perfect for a family of six! Now, let's take a tour of this beautiful retreat, shall we?

 Photo credit: Mali Azima

I am absolutely in love with the rustic wood elements in this inviting home. Warm, cozy with a relaxed vibe, this lake home truly makes my heart sing, what about you?


  1. This lake house is beautiful and I could not imagine how all the wood paneling must of looked. I have the Atlanta Home Mag. and will finally sit and read the whole article with coffee tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow! A real gem on the inside!!!!! Would love to stay there or rent it if ever!

  3. What a cute get how she furnished the place!

  4. oh i'm drowning in envy and lovely. please direct me to the nearest ramshackle cottage. (almost) nothing i'd rather do than paint things white.

    hello lovely

  5. Hello Jessica

    This is fabulous and I love how they have transposed the home. It looks inviting and welcoming and the art work and colours used give it a sense of character
    Have a glorious weekend

    Helen xx


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