Friday, March 14, 2014

Home tour- A visually delightful Houston home!

I am so glad to have stumbled upon this enchanting home, designed by the homeowner herself, designer Bailey Quin McCarthy. This colorful Houston home is truly a feast for the eyes, come let's take a tour of this inspiring home, shall we?

Photo credit: Kimberly Chau

Decorated in bright colors with charming whimsical details, this home is truly a visual delight! I can't get my eyes off each and every room especially the unexpected vibrant red and orange bathroom, the calming and beautiful master bedroom and the stylish all-white kitchen (especially the gorgeous gold hardware and accents). I enjoyed touring this fabulous home, what about you?


  1. Hi Jessie,
    Love the color, pattern, and style of this home.

  2. wow
    this is cheery isn't it?!?!!!!!

    the red and orange bathroom was a brave move, and i love the color combo.
    i loved the stove best of all.


  3. Definitely! Love all the patterns and my, that kitchen is simply divine! Thanks for the tour!


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