Thursday, February 27, 2014

Favorite room of the week!

Who knew that with a touch of Bohemian, a little bit of rustic, lots of colorful textiles and a variety of seating choices, a breakfast nook can look this gorgeous and feels so cozy, comfortable and refreshing at the same time? This fabulous space belongs to lucky homeowners, actress Amanda Peet and her husband, David Benioff. 

I can't take my eyes of this space, what about you? 

Photo credit: Francois Halard


  1. The space is so comfy livable..I could see myself enjoying a wonderful lunch with Kermit at that table. Have a great upcoming weekend.

  2. This space is so cozy and relateable-not over designed or uninviting for sure! I could move right in. Have a nice weekend Jessie! xo Nancy


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