Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cool designer alert- Nam Dang-Mitchell!

Be inspired by Calgary, Canada-based designer Nam Dang-Mitchell and her beautiful portfolio below!

Photo credit: Colin Way Photography

The designer: Nam Dang-Mitchell

Aren't her work gorgeous? Although her designs are mostly neutrals, her interiors are far from dull. In fact, her designs they are absolutely stunning and filled with surprises, thanks to her clever use of mixed materials and unexpected pieces. Her work is warm, elegant and sophisticated, what's not to like? I am truly a fan! Do you gravitates towards her designs as well?

For more information regarding the designer and her work, please visit http://www.namdangmitchell.com.


  1. Lovely, lovely work. That kayak and the photomural wallpaper.....nice.

    Thanks for the introduction, Jessie!

  2. Just discovered this designer. She really does exceptional work.


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